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Coming in September of 2007 -- Angler Tourney Keeper

Angler Tourney Keeper is a customized program for avid walleye tournament anglers.

Tournament organizers, do the tasks of tournament tracking and data entry find you spending more time doing tedious clerical work than actually angling? Do you want an easier method to keep track of tournament statistics and simplify tedious clerical tasks?

The Angler Tourney Keeper can help you with the following:

-- tracking registrant contact information

-- entering fish length and weight with ease

-- tournament reporting capabilities at the touch of a button

-- and more

Microsoft products will be utilized in the Angler Tourney Keeper program. This program is intended for use with the Windows XP and/or Windows Vista operating system utilizing a database for data storage and retrieval. It is anticipated that the program will use Microsoft Access 2003 and/or MSDE SQL/SQL Express for the database component.

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